Crystal Shea

Hey, gorgeous! 

Since we won't have all day to get to know each other, here's a few things about your makeup artist that have ultimately brought you here!

*GULP* I'm a petite twenty-something-year old bitty living in central Maryland. My go-to makeup look is a dramatic winged liner, mascara, and a light powder. Uh, what? I know, it's probably the least amount of makeup you've ever heard of a MUA wearing. Look, I have two kids, so winged liner is as fancy as it gets for this gal. Don't let that frighten you, though. My makeup application abilities range from fresh and natural to full Kardashian. 

Speaking of variety, I'm a self-taught professional (and now published!) makeup artist of over four years, but I also have an extensive background in the medical field. I worked in the emergency room for six years and then became a surgical technologist where I worked in two of the leading operating rooms in the state and for a private plastic surgeon. For you, all this means is that I don't take sanitation lightly! 

When I'm not working with clients, answering emails, or educating fellow professional artists, I'm with my two incredible children. Sometimes, I try adult-ing and mom-ing at the same time. I'll leave you to imagine how well that goes.

Which leads me into the better half of TwoShea. I'm the kind of gal that knows how to get sh*t done but without the persistent encouragement, support and unconditional love of my husband, this particular dream may have been one that I procrastinated on.  He's an Emmy award winning videographer to boot!

My job is to make sure you feel beautiful in your own skin while highlighting the features that make you unique. It's also to give you such an experience that when you leave my chair you want people to know who did your makeup. I'm a great listener and do my best to create a look that you desire and one that we can both be proud of! 

Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to working with you!







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